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Our events are dedicated exclusively to the industrial sector focused on the industry of the future.

Women in Industry

A first in Canada, Women’s Summit in the Manufacturing Industry is a unique opportunity to honor women entrepreneurs and leaders who serve as ambassadors for advancing this sector and highlighting female role models to inspire and encourage young women to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Connected industry

The connected industry is becoming a reality and digital continuity a key element of its transformation. The Forum is organized around industrial and technological presentations and round tables planned to promote and or consolidate the exchanges between industrial trades and to promote collaborative industrial projects in the field of technological innovation in the industry.

Green industry

The event is a green industry platform that aims to integrate social and environmental considerations into business operations through more efficient use of energy and raw materials by integrating practices, applications, and technologies that are innovative new and green.




Our events

Women in industry

Montreal, November 2019

Connected industry

Montreal, October 2017

Connected industry

Montreal, October 2015